Contact Point
Gatchaman Crowds insight, Episode 01
Air date July 4, 2015
Episode Guide

Contact Point is the first episode of Gatchaman Crowds insight and the fifteenth episode of the Crowds series overall. It features the debut of Gel Sadora and Tsubasa Misudachi.


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Plot Summary

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  • The episode's title is a play on words, as the "Contact Point" is Gel Sadora's location of crashlanding and the place the Gatchaman meet Tsubasa. In marketing, a Contact Point is a business term to describe the interface of a product to clients throughout a transaction process and filters its relevance to a customers point of view so that potentially, the brand can attract business to them.
  • Joe is seen fiddling with his lighter and has a lollipop in his mouth instead of a cigarette. This could imply that Joe has quit smoking some time after the battle of Tachikawa City.


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