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This is a list of all lists of media released about Gatchaman.


Original series

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

The original series of Battle of the Planets featured a lot of releases, which were also released years after the series has ended.

Main articles: List of Battle of the Planets media

Gatchaman II

The second series as well had lots of media released. As well there were several re-releases over the years to make Gatchaman an evergreen.

Main article: List of Eagle Riders media

Gatchaman Fighter


Battle of the Planets: Phoenix Ninjas

The new series will probably feature much more media, since between the original series and the reboot more than 30 years have passed.

Main article: List of Battle of the Planets: Phoenix Ninjas media

Side series

Gatchaman Crowds

Main article: List of Gatchaman Crowds media

Gatchaman Crowds insight

Main article: List of Gatchaman Crowds insight media

Short series

Ohayo Ninja tai Gatchaman


Science Ninja Team Gachapin


Main article: List of additional media

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