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Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: The Movie
Film information

Directed by

Hisayuki Toriumi

Produced by

Toshio Suzuki

Written by

Jinzō Toriumi



Music by

Koichi Sugiyama

Distributed by




Template:Nihongo is a 1978 Japanese anime science fiction film that acts as a compilation of the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman television series.[1]

The film was released in English for the first time by Sentai Filmworks in 2015.[2] It features a dub produced by Seraphim Digital that is consistent with the earlier Gatchaman titles released by the company and its predecessor.[3]


Sosai X traveled millions of light years to reach the planet Earth and creates a mutant Berg Katse. 30 years later he is the leader of the terrorist organisation known as Galactor. They want to conquer the world. Since Galactor controls the mechanical monster "Turtle King," the nations of the world live in fear.

Earth's only hope lies with five teenagers who can move like shadows. They are Gatchaman, five superheroes who arrive in their spaceship "Godphoenix" to stop Galactor's Machiavellian plans of world domination.


The film contains new additional music called The Gatchaman Symphonic Suite Album. Otherwise, the production design is identical to the TV series.


Character Japanese English
Ken the Eagle Katsuji Mori Leraldo Anzaldua
Joe the Condor Isao Sasaki Brian Jepson
Jun the Swan Kazuko Sugiyama Kim Prause
Jinpei the Swallow Yoku Shioya Luci Christian
Ryu the Owl Shingo Kanemoto Victor Casrud
Dr. Kozaburo Nambu Toru Ohira Andy McAvin
Red Impulse Hisayoshi Yoshizawa John Tyson
Berg Katse Mikio Terashima Edwin Neal
Leader X Nobuo Tanaka Charles C. Campbell
Director Anderson Teiji Omiya Marty Fleck
Sabu Hiroya Ishimaru Chris Patton
Narrator Kiyoshi Kobayashi George Manley


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