Tsubasa Misudachi

三栖立 つばさ


Misudachi Tsubasa


Tsubasa Misudachi






August 6




164 cm

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Eye Color


Blood Type



High school student

Personal Status




Voice Actor

Kaori Ishihara

First Appearance
Anime Debut

Gatchaman Crowds insight Ep 1: Contact Point

Tsubasa Misudachi is a character from the second season of Gatchaman Crowds, Gatchaman Crowds insight. She is a new recruit of the Gatchaman team and a member of G-Crew from Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture. Her designation in G-Crew is G-60. [1]


Tsubasa sketch
Tsubasa wears a private high school uniform with a tie, skirt and knee high leggings with shoes. The appearance of her Gatchaman form is a red armor with dog ears. Her short hair is colored gray and has amber eyes.


Tsubasa has an impulsive personality. When she's angry she slips into her home city's dialect. [2] She dreams of becoming a pyrotechnician like her great-grandfather Yu Misudaichi.

Tsubasa dislikes conflict and is best described as a person who wants the best for every person, but has a very group minded view shown when she wants CROWDS to be abolished after the damage they did to everyone and everything and supported Gel Sadra's campaign as the Prime Minister in order to achieve her vision of a world where no one gets hurt. However, after seeing the consequences of her actions in the form of the Kuu-sama swallowing people that don't support the 'become one' campaign, Tsubasa gets a big shake of regret of what going with the flow without individual thought really does causing her to burst into tears at some points.

Yuruji himself stated that Tsubasa's greatest flaw is that she reads the atmosphere too much, taking too much tension into herself and not thinking things through. It was that same way of thinking that prevented her from using her Gatchaman form at will only acting on anger. After learning to accept the flow and anything that might diverge from it, Tsubasa finally manages to control her emotions and Gatchaman form.

Tsubasa considers Gel Sadra her closest friend and does everything she can to support him no matter what criticism against Sadra. However after Sadra's run as prime minister causes a dystopia crisis, Tsubasa becomes disillusioned with their relationship as it was her words and actions to Sadra that caused the event in the first place.


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Tsubasa has a dark blue note called the blue flash NOTE which relates to her dream of becoming a pyrotechnician.
Tsubasa's note

Tsubasa's NOTE


Tsubasa's a Gatchaman form that allows her to scale walls and a pair of wings that extend from her lower back allow her to glide for short distances. She can also convert herself into a hoverbike-like form called the Matsukaze.

  • Hundred Fireworks: Tsubasa deploys launchers underneath the wrists of her armor to fire colored flares that solidify, allowing her to walk on them like platforms to reach high places or cross gaps.
  • Cherry Blossom Vines: Tsubasa deploys pink energy ribbons from her armor's skirt that she can manipulate to lash at enemies.
Tsubasa's G-form

Tsubasa's Gatchaman form.

  • Pine In The Wind: Tsubasa's hover bike form is call 'Pine in the wind'. The bike itself can reach 250-200 MPH. It is used as transportation.


  • Tsubasa's name plays into the bird motif of the franchise, as the Japanese word tsubasa translates to wing or wings


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